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7 Heritage Sites in Karnataka That Are Must-Visit

This is a guest post from Rohit from the blog, Trans India Travels. Well, as everyone knows by now, India is world famous for its historical heritage, and that stands on a foundation of temples, palaces, intricate beauty and folklore.…


Unique Things to Enjoy in Abu Dhabi

This is a guest post from Neha. Abu Dhabi is that rare gem that is enchanting, educational and thrilling at the same time. The city beckons to all and sundry to come and marvel at its spectacular scenery and…

Gardens by the Bay in Singapore
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Visiting Singapore – A City Guide

This travel guide to Singapore was originally published by IHG. Visiting Singapore – A City Guide Modern, prosperous and dynamic, Singapore is a global hub for finance, high-tech industry and international trade. If you’re visiting on holiday, it’s a shopper’s…

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Cheap Places to Visit in 2017

Many people are making plans to travel in 2017 but looking for somewhere that’s cheap and won’t leave them broke at the end of a trip. I asked some fellow travel bloggers to give a few suggestions of where…

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10 Ancient Attractions of India

This is a guest post from Rohit from the blog, Trans India Travels. India is a great place to explore ancient attractions. Many rulers have ruled this place. Their touch can be easily seen on various monuments of India. India…

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Top 5 Heritage Cities of India

This is a guest post from Rohit from the blog, Trans India Travels. If you’d also like to contribute a guest post to our blog, visit our contact page or email us at Enjoy!  With special cultural significance attached,…

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Off The Beaten Path in Popular Places

University of Glasgow pictured above, Photo Credit: Kathi from Watch Me See I have no shame in visiting places that are very common for tourists. However, each city (or country) have hidden gems waiting to be explored. These are…

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My Ultimate Wanderlist, Part 1

(Photo Above) Credit: Genie Patra from Gallivanting Bean “I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list” is a travel quote that is often used for those who have a love affair with wanderlust places. Have you ever fallen…