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Our Home Office Makeover

We’ve been living in our home for almost 8 years now and until recently we are sprucing it up starting with our home office.

Our home office was used as a guest room, storage space, a food pantry and the list goes on. It wasn’t until after watching an inspiring documentary on Netflix called Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things, we decided to make a change.

It gave us a different perspective on our home life and what we can do to change our somewhat chaotic environment.

The White Desk

For over a year I was obsessed with wanting a white desk in our home office (thanks to Pinterest). I used to turn my nose up at “simple” decor and furniture but maybe since I’m older my tastes have changed.

We considered buying a white desk but the really good ones were expensive!

We also had a large, brown wooden desk that we didn’t know what to do with – keep it or toss it? It’s a really good desk so we decided to paint our existing desk white.

Meshach spent an entire weekend sanding, priming and painting our desk. I sort of helped (more like handing him brushes and such!) This is how it turned out.

We also replaced the brass desk knobs with round, nickel knobs that we bought for $1.97 per piece at Lowe’s Home Improvement.

The paint we used was leftover enamel paint we used for touching up the white trim in our home.

We used remaining primer from Meshach’s chicken coop project last year.

The brown desk chair with white cushion was purchased at our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore for only $5!

The padding needed to be reinforced so Meshach fixed that with some scrap material he had laying around.

Wall Shelves

Before the paint could even dry (literally!) I started talking about the idea of wall shelves over the desk – poor Meshach!

He found some leftover wood in our garage and used them to make brackets and shelves. He also painted them white to match the desk.

I was so excited when everything was finished and couldn’t wait to decorate!

Home Office Makeover

Not only did we give our wooden desk and its wall space a total makeover, but we did the same for the rest of our office.

We bought another desk (from the same store as the chair) for $45. The desk was originally going to be for Tristan, but now it’s Meshach’s photography desk.

Our bookcase got a makeover as well and we moved furniture around to create a more open space in the office. Now our bench sits peacefully by the window – not a wall.

Please excuse the weird lighting – I tried to fix it lol

I will work on a video on how Meshach painted our desk so look out for that on our YouTube channel in the next few weeks!

Also, I’m looking for a couple of cute quotes or prints to frame on each side of the wall shelves. Any suggestions on where to find some prints and what quotes would you recommend for a blogger’s office?

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