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6 Must Have Mechanical Gadgets for Home Maintenance

Gadgets for tool box at home

This is a guest post by Emily from Pro Tool Guide.

We face some problems on a daily basis regarding the wear and tear of furniture and other things. To avoid falling prey to the expensive repair and replacement strategies you can organize your own tool box that contains all the mechanical gadgets that can prove to be effective in maintaining and fixing the basic architectural and structural problems. Such problems may arise because of our negligence but can easily be fixed without outside help by getting hold of the home maintenance hacks and tools. To help you out we have compiled six mechanical gadgets that you must have for home maintenance.


Few tools such as hammer are good enough to serve both the purpose of strong force and finesse. You can use it to strike with heavy force on hard surfaces. Opt for the 16-20 pound hammer with a steel or fiberglass handle that would be effective in hammering hardened materials and pulling nails out of a surface.

Utility knife 

A utility knife is an essential tool that serves the multi-purpose of cutting dry wall, paneling, getting smooth edges, trim molding, sharpening of objects and opening packages. The best thing about utility knife is that the blade is fixed in the handle that makes it safe to use. Just make sure that the handle screw is tight, and the blade is well fixed.


Facing difficulty in cutting metal? Hacksaw is considered as the best yet inexpensive option when it comes to cutting metal. Make sure that the blade is well fixed, i.e., the handle is able to adjust blade tension easily and prevents it from twisting. Opt for the blade with eighteen teeth per inch as it exceptionally well for all kinds of work. Other uses of hacksaw include cutting glass and ceramics.

Hybrid table saw 

Hybrid table saw is made by blending the best features of the contractor-style table saw and cabinet style table saw. It is highly efficient and powerful tool to cut the hardwoods and dadoes neatly. It weighs 286 lbs and can be easily moved around.  The best thing is that it offers features from both contractor saw and cabinet saw at a budget-friendly rate. So next time your furniture needs trimming, or you want to make your own furniture piece no need to spend extravagantly on getting things done by external help as the hybrid table saw is efficient enough to produce desired results and demands minimum maintenance.

Adjustable wrench

An adjustable wrench is another essential tool that helps in removing nuts and bolts that are otherwise impossible to move. A ten-inch adjustable wrench with jaws that can open up to 1-1/8 inch is appropriate for performing various home maintenance tasks. Make sure that the jaws are tightly fixed even at full extension and whenever you are removing a bolt pull the wrench to apply force on the fixed jaw, not the moveable jaw.

Cordless Drill

Cordless drills are more efficient as compared to the corded ones. They combine all the three elements of speed, power, and easy handling. Opt for drill machines having 14-18 volt power as they can efficiently handle most jobs.

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