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5 Reasons to Have Appetizing Seafood Bars in Indian Resorts

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This is a guest post by Emily from the blog, Mexican Candy.

Travelling gives new perspectives whereas unquenchable love for food teaches one to value what we have. Foodie travellers will miss out one of the best magical experiences if they fail to stay in resorts with seafood bars, at least once. India has a huge part of its boundary overlapping the coastline and therefore is a top seafood trader in the world. Seafood is part of the traditional cuisines of many Indian states and Indian seafood delicacies are highly popular for their exquisite taste. Here we present five of the many reasons as to why one should surely try staying at a resort that provides appetizing seafood bars, in India.

1. For the Love of Seafood

Seafood lovers would consider a seafood bar as a paradise relocated to Earth. The Indian peninsula is engulfed by the roaring seas which are home to the best marine creatures. This makes Indian seafood unique and unbeatable. Every Indian seafood dish is elegant, subtle, and divine and also encompasses a tinge of sophistication. The Madras mackerel curry, the Goan shrimp curry, the Kerala chemmeen theeyal and many other Indian seafood delicacies are named after their places of origin, because they are incredibly exclusive and nowhere in the world could one find an equivalent to them. Just to say, Indian seafood is wonderfully delicious and resorts with seafood bars are certainly the places to be.

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2. Feast Your Senses

A seafood bar is an added gift to your pleasurable stay in an Indian resort. One’s senses are treated royally here that one would not want to leave the heavenly place. Resorts with seafood bars are mostly located near the seashores, lakes or backwaters. Seafood bars may have outdoor seating which means to say your table is on the soft sands of the shore. Other seafood bars may have an indoor seating but will surely be located such that the waters are visible. Hearing the sounds of the sea or feeling the breeze from the backwaters as you relish your favourite pomfret curry is sure to accelerate you to another galaxy. You get to pamper your taste buds, bask in picturesque scenes, smell the rich Indian spices, and get your skin caressed by sunbeams and listen to the humming of the waves, all at once!

Photo by ThaCreations, CC0 1.0

3. Experience Culinary Magic

Are located in the best spots of the resort and you get to experience culinary magic here. Most seafood bars have a native chef who is at constant attendance to describe the origin and exclusivity of the seafood dish served at your table. Seafood bars have a wide menu to choose from pertaining completely to seafood in contrast to the ordinary menus. If you’re seated at an oceanfront table and there’s live music and beautifully lit lanterns surrounding you as the sun disappears serenely from the horizon, what a nightlife that would be! Pure magic descends upon the place as you savour the top dishes of culinary experts. One can also customize orders the way they like it- boiled, fried, steamed, and extra spicy or anything that satisfies one’s taste buds.

4. The Freshest Catches

Local fishermen sell their first catches right to these bars located near the backwaters or seas. This means the freshest catches of the fishermen find themselves cooked and immersed in curry, at your table. How often does one have the luck of eating a good fresh catch? Seldom. Seafood bars not only serve the most amazing delicacies in a rustic ambience, but they also serve the freshest seafood you can ever have. Eating freshly cooked prawns, fish, crabs and squids is the coolest way to pamper those taste buds.

Photo by Barni1, CC0 1.0

5. Fulfilling Your Foodie Checklist

Every foodie’s dream is to explore the cuisines of different cultures and leave nothing unexplored. Indian seafood is part of that list of lip smacking gorgeous dishes in the world. Food lovers would begin to drool at the very sight of the Indian seafood delicacy because these dishes are incredibly mouth-watering and smacking. Therefore every foodie should try staying at an Indian resort with a seafood bar because it is here that one finds the most well-prepared Indian seafood delicacies, cooked with exotic spices and lots of love.

Therefore ensure that you do stay at a resort with a seafood bar in India, at least once in your travel list, to create fabulous memories. And later on, smiles would keep creeping into your lips each time you recall those unforgettable days spent at that exotic place!

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