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When Art Takes Over Your Heart

I spent a couple of hours walking around the North Carolina Museum of Art a few weeks ago and was suddenly inspired to snap photos of these beautiful works of art. Yes, you are allowed to take photos!


This is a really cool green pyramid, is it just me or does it almost look like it has an eye near the top?


I was so excited to see this portrait is of Lucrezia Borgia! Someone mentioned to me that she looks like Drew Barrymore in this portrait. If you didn’t know, I’ve become fascinated by The Borgia family after watching both TV series last year. I’m going to do some serious Borgia history touring the next time we go to Italy!


I call this “The Man On The Wall” I can’t remember what this is officially called, but I love it!


I love how clean and contemporary the museum looks!


For some odd reason “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk plays in my head when I see this photo.



NCMA offers a FREE daily guided tour Tuesdays – Fridays at 1:30p, 11:30a and 1:30p Saturdays and Sundays. You can also walk through without taking a tour and the best part? Your visit to NCMA is free unless you want to see a special exhibit requiring tickets.


If you’re in the area, pop over on your lunch break. There is also a park on the grounds if you want to picnic or take a walk on their greenway. Now, I leave you with a few more of my favorites from the museum!





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