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Back to School With Erin Condren Faves

School begins in a couple of weeks and while I may no longer be a student, the release of Erin Condren’s school essentials are perfect for the office!

If you haven’t already done so, check out my first impression of their new 2017-2018 LifePlanner.

It is a great tool for school, office, life in general. Without it, I would honestly be lost as busy as my schedule is becoming with our family and projects.

Now, let’s check out some of Erin Condren goodies that are way cool for school and work!

Designer Pencils & Erasers

These pencils will spark your creativity! I received their Quotes pencils. Each pencil has a different print of inspiring words: Wonder, Create, Shine, Dazzle, Wish and Celebrate.

It comes in a set of 6 pencils and they are pre-sharpened so you could use them straight out of the box. I love the mix of bright and pastel colors, it’s a colorful feast for the eyes!

While they do have an eraser, I prefer using a separate eraser to keep my pencils looking nice (I’m weird, I know!)

Erin Condren’s colorful, designer eraser also sticks to the theme of a quote which makes it impossible not to want to use their designer erasers anyway.

Jot Your Thought Journal

These journals come in handy for writing quick notes on the go. I still have one from over a couple of years ago when their Journal Trios were out. I’ve used them countless times on our media trips because they are slim enough to fit in my purse and have plenty of pages for note taking.

It has 80 lined pages and comes in Neutral, Pastel, Brights, Rose Gold, Platinum and Gold designs.

Monthly Deskpad

There is plenty of planning space on this 17 month metallic deskpad. I love that there is a different metallic color for each month like they did with the tabletop calendar.

Another wonderful surprise about this deskpad? It includes 387 platinum stickers! 

File Folders

These folders will give your organization a kick! Erin Condren’s File Folders have signature designs, colors and you can personalize them.

Like the journals, I received the folders in neutral, pastels and brights.

Three Ring Binders

No matter what you do in life, it seems like three ring binders are used everywhere. It’s not just for school, but it is used widely in offices at home and work.

Next to file folders, they are the other most used tool for organization.

I love its designer mid-century circles theme. It is available in neutral and the very colorful platinum.

It does not have pocket folders but will fit file folders.

Luxe Clutch, Markers and Stencils

A beautiful clutch and writing tools make a perfect pair! Use this clutch to carry all of your writing essentials and more!

The new dual-tip markers come in pretty pastel colors: bubblegum, lemon, turquoise, seafoam, orchid, & gray and I use them all in my LifePlanner.

Each marker has a fine point and a medium point (I prefer the medium.)

Do you remember using stencils as a child? This new stencil sheet will give you serious #FlashbackFridays! I was especially pleased to see an airplane as one of the stencils, so I used it to accent our Spain trip list.

Speaking of Spain, have you been? Tips needed!

You can also use the new Mulitcolor Bright Highlighter pack to give your stencil a pop of color. Just don’t use them on your wet erase board!

If you want to use colorful markers on your erase board get this set of wet erase markers. They’re really cool for your snap-in dashboards, interior LifePlanner covers and pretty much anything with a surface that allows you to erase markings.


If you are considering getting a LifePlanner I promise you will not regret it and I honestly am not saying that because I collaborate with Erin Condren.

They have all the bells and whistles to add-on to their planners but even without the additional products, the planner itself already comes with loads of stuff to get you started.


Use my referral link to sign up for an Erin Condren account (it’s free!) Once you’ve done that, you will receive a unique coupon code for $10 off your first purchase on Erin Condren’s website.

Happy planning and thank you to the Erin Condren team!

Are you ready for the new season? What are some of your goals to accomplish before the end of fall? Comment below and share this post with your friends!

I was given the Erin Condren accessories for this feature. As always, opinions are my own. I really am a fan of Erin Condren products. I’ve personally recommended them to my friends and family who also love to use their products!


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