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Castillo de San Marcos tower
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Castillo de San Marcos

About Castillo de San Marcos On our recent visit to Saint Augustine, Florida we spent a few hours exploring its Spaniard built fort: Castillo de San Marcos. It’s a 17th century fort and the oldest fort in the United States.…

One of the most visited landmarks in Romania is Bran Castle aka Dracula's Castle
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The Real Story of Dracula

While many are watching It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, I enjoy reading the origin stories of ghouls and creatures like Stingy Jack and Dracula. Don’t get me wrong, I love Charlie Brown – but I’ve always had an…


Jack-O-Lanterns and The Legend of Stingy Jack

I remember trying to carve Jack-O-Lanterns as a child. It was fun and messy but as an adult  and lover of culture, I now question almost every tradition’s origin. Where did Jack-O-Lanterns originate and why were they created? And…

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Our Secret Wallet Friendly Trip Tips

“Got a secret, can you keep it? Swear this one you’ll save.” Don’t tell anyone, I am about to reveal our best kept secrets for saving money on your trips! Ok, some of these tips you may have already…

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How To Spend A Long Weekend in Cambridge

This post is originally posted by Mary Chong on May 27, 2017 on Calculated Traveller. A trip to Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a journey through history, art galleries, museums, and higher learning. Throw in some shopping and some good eats, and…

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12 Largest Reservoirs in India One Can Walk Through

This is a guest post from Rohit from the blog, Trans India Travels. A reservoir is defined as something that can hold water-literally. A storage space for fluids, can be used for control, or for diversion of waterways to desired directions,…

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Lonely Planet Summer Road Trip

Summer is my most favorite time to travel! I think it’s because it brings back memories from my childhood when we road-tripped from the West Coast to visit relatives who live in the South. In this summer issue of…