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Easy Travel to the United States with ESTA

This is a guest post from Josh Hobson and Sophie Jones from University of Liverpool – enjoy!

Travelling to the US in the near future? Here’s some useful information for you!

So, if you have decided that you’re going to go to the United States in the not too distant future… be it on your own, as a family, you’re maybe concerned about the VISA process that follows. Well, do not fear friends! Gone are the days of travelling to embassy in your country, waiting in a lengthy queue when you would rather be somewhere else. Alas, I introduce you to the ESTA.

The ESTA programme was created by the United States Department of Homeland Security in 2009.


To speed up the time it takes to get through customers and enhance security.


Citizens of up to 38 countries qualify for the ESTA, those including:  United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand and many more.  The ESTA was created for those intending to partake in business our tourism purposes. Useful Tip: If you have a layover flight involving the US, you will need to acquire an ESTA.


To apply for the ESTA, you no longer have to go to the embassy. Everything is online. That’s right. You apply for the ESTA online. Within 72 hours of completing the application form, you should then receive an authorisation email.


$14. That’s it.


The ESTA is valid for two whole years from the date of issue, however if your passport expires within those two years, the ESTA will expire also. Within that time period, you can make an unlimited amount of journeys into the United States, with the maximum stay per visit being at 90 days.

Travelling with Children?

Not to worry! If you child has a machine readable passport issues after the 28/10/2006, they will need to obtain an ESTA also. Note: ESTA can be completed for groups of people at once.

If you want more information, please visit where you will find all the information you need to help with your planned tripped to the US!


Hi, my name is Josh Hobson and I created this guest article to raise awareness of the ESTA programme. Without the ESTA progamme this summer I would have been stranded in Mexico, as I left the US with my J-1 visa in the grace period, however I would not have been allowed back in to the country. Thankfully, I had the ESTA which enabled me to come back in without any hassle. Give this site a read through, it might save you too!

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