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Fall Vibes on My Spotify Playlist

Hooray it’s finally fall, my favorite season! I love fall because it’s not too hot yet not too cold – and not to forget the great food and wine!

I also like to change up my playlist with tunes that take me back to my school days.

Throwbacks Everyday

For some odd reason I go on a 90s and 2000s music kick when fall comes around. Maybe it’s because the fall reminds me of back to school days in the 90s when music was so good!

I mean, there’s still some good music these days, but there will never be anything like TLC (my mom’s favorite band), Mariah Carey, Madonna, Aaliyah and so on.

Click this image to listen to my playlist

Speaking of Aaliyah, her music is amazing and always make me want to get up and dance! I just wish Spotify would add more of her songs to their library. However, I did find all of her songs on iHeart Radio recently so I’m excited about that!

Let’s Get Country

I also get the urge to listen to country music and I don’t know if it’s because my dad listens to it especially this time of year – who knows.

Or maybe because it reminds me of fall harvests, festivals, food, hanging out with friends, family and the NC State Fair.

Am I being weird or do you feel the same way too this time of year?

Free Printable

Did you have a chance to get our FREE printable map of Tuscan Wines on our last blog post? Well, here is another printable freebie for you to download!

Click the link below to print our free printable for fall!

I made a fall essentials checklist which you can download and/or print here:  FALL ESSENTIALS CHECKLIST

So, I know majority of you are female, but I also wanted this checklist to be gender (and age) friendly so the staples on this checklist is basic and great for people of all ages!

And if you’re interested in following my fall vibes playlist on Spotify, you can check it out here.

What are you mostly looking forward to seeing or doing this fall? Comment below and share this post!


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      Hi Jeannette! Thank you for reading it, I will take a look at your blog too 🙂

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