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Five simple ways to bring the outdoors inside

This is a guest post by blogger, Julie Austin from My Bed Comforter.

Many of us are more outgoing and nature lovers and prefer a fresh and rejuvenated environment that reflects our personality. Bringing the outdoor elements to your interior décor can add a pleasing and soft touch to your life and your day starts and ends on a smiling note because you are getting the required nutrients and oxygen in a balanced quantity which is not possible in a close tight home to avoid entry of dust. Such homes deprive you of a healthy lifestyle and the natural refreshing agents that also serve as anti-depressants. The most common ways of bringing outdoor décor to the inside of your home is by incorporating flowers and green plants to your indoor. Enlisted in this article are five ideas for bringing natural beauty to your home

1. Prefer natural patterns, fibers, and textile:

If you are a true lover of nature, then you would have got a taste to select the décor accessories that further enhance your attachment with nature. If you are serious about bringing natural beauty to your home, then you should be tilted more towards purchasing the décor accessories and statement pieces that compliment your idea. Elements like linen, flax, and hemp are considered natural if used as fiber coverings on pillows or as soft comforters that allow the nature to peek in.

2. Use colors that represent nature:

Have you ever wondered what these red and yellow flowers are meant for? They are representing the color of nature and their calming features that attract every eye who has got the ability to praise the beauty of nature. Colors can add a pleasing impact both on your personality and surroundings. Green ensures intake of fresh oxygen whereas blue color seems refreshing to the eye because of its cold and soft hues. Yellow sunflowers make us feel more fresh and young, and we feel motivated. White can add a sober, natural touch .keep the features of the colors in mind while decorating the home.

3. Opt for bamboo or wood flooring as they represent nature:

Walking on bamboo or wood flooring after a hectic day allows you to drop your stress and tediousness at the door. Materials like wood, bamboo, and cork add warmth and natural touch to your home and is more welcoming than the man-made floor that makes our life more monotonous.

4. Decoration accessories that represent nature:

If you are going on a picnic to sea or a deep forest, then don’t forget to bring back some seashells and tree cones for your home décor as they are the perfect elements to add a natural touch to your home. You can also take the pictures of the natural spots with a high lens camera and use them as wall hangings and table decors to add a natural and pleasing touch to your home.

5. Floral wall patterns and rugs:

Floral wall patterns and rugs can help you in striking an everlasting natural touch to your home. Floral wall patterns with vibrant colors bring hope and energy to your home. Walking on soft rugs makes you feel soft and pleasing as you are walking in a green garden praising the beauty of nature.

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