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Home Decor on a Budget: A 5-Step Guide

This is a guest post by Randy from the blog, Best Cordless Drills Pro.

Decorating your house when you are on a budget might seem like a difficult job but it is a lot more fun than buying whatever you need since you get to show off your creativity. And, with the help of the Internet in the modern world, it is infinitely easier to decorate your house now than it was many years ago. So let’s see how we can make our house look absolutely bomb without exceeding our budget at all.

Plan Out the Decor

The first thing you do is plan out the new decor of the house. You may initially think that you know what you want and there is no need to plan it out, but having a plan will always make things go much more smoothly for you.

So, just grab a pencil and a paper and draw your house the way you want it to be. Add a few little trinkets here and there to make it easier to figure what you need to buy and make. If it helps, use color pencils on the plan drawing to make it resemble your house more and so that the final decor becomes much easier to imagine.

Get Your Budgeted Supplies

Some supplies you will definitely need are tools like hammers, screw-drivers and, if you can manage, a top-notch cordless drill as well. These tools will help you fix up anything you end up screwing. You will also find it much easier to install things like wall-hangings and shelves when you have good tools handy.

Other than tools, you can also buy material for any DIY projects you decide to work on. This includes colored papers, ribbons, glitter, yarn, glue etc. Decorating the house with hand-made things has a lot more value and sentiment as well; which brings us to our next point:

Avoid Buying Pre-made Stuff

Pre-made decoration pieces and other things like cushion covers and photo frames will definitely put a dent in your pocket. Isn’t it comforting then, to know that you can make all these things by yourself for half the price? Just go check out any of the hundreds of tutorials on DIY projects on YouTube and bedazzle your house with your own handiwork.

Change the Furniture

A super-cheap and easy way to make your house look great is by rearranging your furniture so that it looks much more aesthetically pleasing. Try to make everything in the room point to one common area, it could be a sofa set or the TV or even a window.

You can even reupholster your sofa sets and chairs according to the new color scheme of your house. Reupholstering is much cheaper than buying new furniture overall!

Get Some Light In

The easiest way to make your house look more beautiful is by getting in some light. Open your windows at daytime to get the sun in. Install a sufficient number of lights in each room as well. Also, put in a large mirror in the rooms so that there is an illusion of the room looking bigger.

Author Bio:

Randy is a mechanical engineer with the construction business of his own. He knows all the ins and outs of the industry and the right use of the tools. That is exactly what he teaches on his blog. He regularly posts on Best Cordless Drills Pros.


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