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Home for the Holidays + JORD Wood Watches Giveaway! (CLOSED)

It was a warm and sunny 70 degrees the day after Thanksgiving. Instead of rushing to the stores for Black Friday shopping with the masses, we spent our time exploring Pullen Park.

Pullen Park is a public park in Raleigh which sits on 66 acres of land complete with a carousel, a working C.P. Huntington miniature train that is a replica of the original, boats, aquatic center, playgrounds and much more! The carousel, boats and train rides are not free. The tickets cost $1.00 per person for each ride, which is still a bargain when on a budget.


Our son, Tristan is a huge fan of trains as you can see in a previous post. We stood in line eagerly waiting our turn to hop on for a ride. The park was crowded that day (maybe everyone went shopping online?) so we waited at least 30 minutes but once we got on, it was worth the wait!

My sister, niece and nephew joined us on the ride. The kids loved it! We rode the Pullen Park train many times before but it’s always exciting every time.


In my last blog post I talked about my struggle with time. It takes a balancing act to run this blog, work our full-time jobs and manage the household. Luckily, my husband is a “Jack of All Trades”. Our life is sometimes as chaotic as the park’s carousel but we manage.

Meshach wears a watch on a daily basis, I don’t think he’s ever gone a day without wearing a watch now that I think about it. The generous team at JORD Wood Watches recently sent us their Dover series Olive & Acacia and he’s worn it every day now. At first he was skeptical about a wooden watch, which he had never seen before but after inspecting the craftsmanship and wearing it, he loves how durable it feels.


He especially likes the Dover series because the timepiece allows him to see the inner workings of a self-winding watch. Tristan was also amazed by the movement of the small gears inside of the watch. Bonus: Being a self-winding watch means it does not need batteries! Keep in mind their watches are made of wood and splash-proof but you cannot submerge it in water (so don’t shower or swim while wearing it!)

The watch was packaged in a beautiful, handcrafted wooden box which definitely gave us a feel that a quality product was inside. JORD’s watches are made from wood around the world with a modern and sophisticated design that will give you many compliments on your unique watch!




Speaking of compliments….as the sun began to set on our time at Pullen Park, Golden Hour’s warm light greeted us from the sky. Without a minute to waste, we raced down a hill for one last leap into a heaping pile of leaves. I love the crunching sound it makes under my feet. Fall is my favorite time of the year!

We were only at the park for a few hours, but it felt like we were there all day. Was it time well spent? Yes, it was indeed!


JORD Wood Watch E- Gift Card Giveaway (CLOSED)

We teamed up with JORD to offer you a FREE e-gift card. Use this link to receive a special code for $25 off a watch of your choice. Their watches also make a great gift for the holidays! You’ll have to hurry though, the offer expires on December 25, 2016.

Unique Watch

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