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Hurricane Irma and Emergency Preparedness

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Hurricane Irma is coming, and she is a beast!

After taking cover in our hall bathroom through a tornado warning last week in North Carolina, it was terrifying. What’s even more terrifying is a powerful hurricane like Irma.
As if the devastation of Hurricane Harvey wasn’t heartbreaking enough, now we are bracing for yet an even bigger storm.

While she hasn’t hit landfall yet as I am writing this, we haven’t seen what she could do. I am scared for those in her path as meteorologists are also predicting she will hit Florida. I’ve been in hurricanes before but luckily were not as destructive as what we’ve seen in recent years.

I have friends in Florida and I hope they will take all the necessary precautions to stay safe.

It is always a good idea to have an emergency kit on hand. We somewhat have a kit but it’s not complete. I learned that in the process of fumbling for flashlights and water bottles in our home when last week’s tornado warning was announced.

Emergency Kit

There is a very helpful checklist available on Ready.Gov’s website. Print it out and use it!

Be sure to keep in stock: 1 gallon of water per day (per person and pet) for at least 3 days’ worth, flashlights, first aid kit, batteries, blankets, manual can opener (this came in handy during last year’s ice storm when we were without power for 4 days!), nonperishable food, cash and there is more on the list so print it please!

Also if you take routine medication, always keep them together in one spot so you can easily grab them and go!

You should also have some type of emergency kit when traveling on road trips and even your daily commute. Having a kit isn’t just for storms, but it’s good for earthquakes (I’ve been in many when living in California) and other situations.

Talk to your family about what to do in the event of an emergency. We rarely get earthquakes in North Carolina but Tristan knows what to do if we do get one!

Where is Hurricane Irma?

We don’t know if Hurricane Irma will hit the Carolinas, and I hope she doesn’t.

Meteorologists are making a huge deal about this one. We may have seen Category 5 storms before, but they say Irma is different because of how quickly she developed and continues to intensify across the Atlantic Ocean.

Do you know Jose?

I am also just hearing today about Tropical Storm Jose following behind Irma. Jose is expected to become a hurricane later this week.

This year is definitely a hot bed of hurricanes. Stay safe everyone!

Have you been in a hurricane or other natural disasters? Do you have an emergency kit ready? Comment below and share this post. 


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