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Keeping Your Small Children Safe during Your Family Vacation Trip

This is a guest post by Robert from the blog, Dash Cam Safety.

Where family vacation is all about having a great time filled with relaxation and fun, parents must not overlook the fact that their kids are prone to accidents.

Kids do not like to sit in one place and therefore, they end up getting themselves hurt in some way. Therefore, parents must take some safety measures to keep them safe and healthy throughout the trip while keeping themselves at peace.

How can they do that? Let us see:

Safety Tips for Plane

Here are some of the tips following which you can keep your child safe on a plane:

  • Do not let your child go alone to the toilet and close the door for them. Children do get their fingers pressed between doors or get their hands cut by sharp objects that may be found in the toilet.
  • Make sure that the airline you are on has got the first aid specifically containing equipment for children as they tend to get hurt easily and you might need the aid on plane.
  • Do not let your child hover around on the aisle just because you want some relaxation. They can bump into people or a cart going down the aisle which can injure them.
  • Keep your child’s seat belt on so that the lesser they move, the lesser are the chances of them getting hurt. Plus, there can be turbulence on the plane without a prior notice too. So, it is always safer to keep your child belted while on plane.

Safety Tips for Hotel

Here are some of the tips that you must follow when you reach the hotel:

  • Scan the room as soon as you reach the hotel. Look for any sharp objects that may be dangerous for the kids. Make sure there are no electric wires exposed and sockets that your toddler can reach out to.
  • Keep all the harmful objects like matches, knives and coffee machine away from the reach of your child. Put covers on door knobs and bathroom locks.
  • If you are planning on using childcare, ask all the questions related to the caretaker and the activities that the kids will be involved during that time. Make sure they are given healthy meal and treated well.
  • Always answer the door yourself and do not let your child do it. Tell your child to ask you to open the door and to ignore it if they are alone.


Author Bio:

Robert is a student of business administration. He has a great passion for cars and devices that improve the driving experience. He loves photography as well and has his own little studio in California. He ritually posts at Dash Cam Safety.


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