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Looking Back On My Road Trip Days

Road sign in desert road trip

We don’t go on many road trips these days since we take a plane to get to most destinations (unless it’s a few hours’ drive then we’ll make an exception.) However, I did a lot of cross country road trips as a child because I guess it was the economical thing to do or maybe because my dad said so! Looking back on my road trip days, they were pretty cool.

Almost every summer we’d pile into our four door midsize family car and start the drive from our home in California to visit our relatives in Louisiana. I don’t know how my parents managed to keep it all together on an almost 3,000-mile journey with three kids – but they did it.

A Change of Scenery

It was such an adventure though! I loved watching as the landscapes changed from soaring city skylines to rolling countrysides and deserts that invoked much curiosity.

I loved seeing new people at every stop and eating different foods that were a town specialty. We slept at hotels in big cities and small towns. Stumbled upon landmarks and monuments along the way. We even had mishaps like leaving my younger sister’s luggage in a shopping center parking lot in New Mexico!

Road Trip Misadventures

Despite the long drive, frequent bathroom stops and sibling squabbles, I think everyone should take a cross country road trip at least once in their life. I’m not sure if people are able to do that anymore with the amount of vacation time allotted (if any) but it would be cool to see people continue that “old school” summer tradition that I and others have done with my family. Or maybe you can?

Be A Road Warrior

Cotopaxi, an outdoor-wear company based in Salt Lake City, Utah, is looking for the next Road Warrior to join their team! This field marketing specialist will road trip around the country and visit every major U.S. city during the 2017 Questival Tour, a 24-hour adventure race where participants receive a Cotopaxi travel backpack and partake in various challenges. If you have road trip or camping experience, are proficient in social media, and are a great storyteller, this position is for you! Not only will you be able to satisfy your wanderlust, but you’ll spread Cotopaxi’s mission of doing good and giving back to the world. Check out the infographic below for more details and to see how you can apply.

Did you do a lot of road trips when you were a kid and do you still do them? Where have you been?

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