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How to Make the Perfect Travel Vlog in 5 Easy Steps

This is a guest post by Arliss from trek bible. Follow her easy tips to make a perfect travel vlog!

1. Get Yourself a Camera 

To become a travel vlogger there is only one piece of equipment that you need and that is a camera. You don’t need a big fancy camera or a light set or an external microphone; all you need is something that can record videos. Even your smart phone would work! As long as you have a device that can capture video, you can call yourself an official travel vlogger.

2. Record the Highlights of Your Trip


Take as much footage as you want so that you can remember all of the interesting things you saw and the people you met, but no one is going to sit through an entire hour long tour of an art museum. Make sure to only include the highlights of your trip. If you saw something very visually appealing, such as an iconic statue or fireworks over the Eiffel Tower, include it! People will be intrigued at all of the cool things you saw and did, but don’t include too much. Most people’s attention spans are short, so keep your clips even shorter.

3. Center Your Clips Around a Specific Activity

Many popular vloggers make two types of travel videos: highlights and everyday. A highlights video takes the most interesting aspects of your trip and combines them all into a 2-3 minute long video with relevant background music. This type of video basically makes your trip look like the best time ever and makes everyone really jealous of you.

An everyday video expands over a couple of days and will include more intimate clips of things you did. Many vloggers in these clips keep the camera on them and explain what they are doing to the camera while they are doing it. These types of videos make the viewer feel like they are experiencing the trip just like you; as if they are walking right beside you. If you decide to create everyday videos make sure to center them around specific activities or outings. Although you want the viewer to feel like they are walking alongside you, you still want them to be intrigued by what you are doing. So leave out clips of you aimlessly walking down the street for hours and focus on the delicious food you are eating.

4. Talk to Locals 

One of the most interesting aspects of traveling are the locals. The people you will meet while you’re traveling shape your experiences and make the culture come to life, so make sure to include this vital aspect into your videos. Try talking to shop owners or locals on the streets, maybe even someone you meet in a bar. Some people will not love having a camera shoved in their face, so get to know them first. Strike up a conversation and if they seem comfortable enough, ask them if they would like to be included in your travel video. Not only will you get some cool content for your video, but hopefully you’ll make a ton of new friends along the way.

5. Capture Your Perspective

Lastly, but most importantly, make sure you are capturing your perspective of wherever you are. Whether you are traveling to a neighboring town or across the world, your experiences and your perspective will make your travel vlog special.

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Arliss is the Managing Editor of trekbible as well a social media editor at IncomeStore. She is also a writer and aspiring novelist. Arliss has family all over the world including the Ivory Coast, Denmark, Germany, and the Dominican Republic—a fact that greatly contributes to her passion for travel and culture.


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