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Mini Dining Room Makeover With Corelle

I was looking for a simple project to occupy my downtime at home. Looking around, we realized our dining table could use an update but I was determined to do it on a budget.

My vision was something bright, minimalist, elegant and boutique looking. All things considered, I came up with four simple changes that would meet my requirements.

Table resurfacing

Our dining set was all one color: dark brown and offering no contrast between the table and chairs.

Adding a table-cloth would change the look but I really like the look of natural wood. I spent one Friday night sanding off the dark finish and smoothing the top.

After cleaning and removing all the dust, I applied the first coat of polyurethane and allowed to dry overnight. The next morning I lightly sanded the surface, cleaned , and applied the second coat of polyurethane which I allowed to dry for 24 hours.

The lighter tone top immediately brightened the area.

Light fixture

I could replace the light fixture for something more elegant but doing this on budget I decided to reuse the existing fixture. We were not too happy with the length of the light fixture. After removing the entire unit I  tested different heights to optimize the light in the room.

Eight inches higher was enough to allow the light to bounce off the ceiling and walls casting a softer shadow onto the dining table. After reinstalling and wiring it, I stood back and realized what a big difference these little changes can make.

There were some more changes necessary to achieve the look I was going for.


Now I needed to add a feature piece to help pull off an elegant look. I needed something that would dress up the table without cluttering it. One way to do so is to add a centerpiece that would compliment the table and not take up too much real estate.

After looking at several centerpieces, I remembered we have a purple orchid which fit the criteria perfectly. I added the orchid centerpiece and it complemented the table very well and brought some life to it.

Corelle Dinnerware

This was the most important part, I needed a dinnerware set that would add the finishing touch to complete the project.

We partnered with Corelle and chose their Corelle Boutique Adlyn 16-pc dinnerware set. It also includes four mugs made of porcelain.

The square design plates along with gray fronds of what looks like a simple light wildflower pattern offers a uniquely beautiful boutique dining experience that we can enjoy at home. It is made of their vitrelle glass which is very lightweight, stackable, chip, and break resistant.

They hold up very well to daily use and we are more excited around meal times.


How do you find ways to give your home a new look on a budget? Comment below and share this post with your friends!

We were gifted this Corelle dinnerware set for a feature on our blog. As always, opinions are our own.

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