NC State Fair is The Fall Kickoff

You know it’s fall when: Ladies are wearing their stylish boots, denim and scarves. The weather turns into an exhilarating brisk air with colorful leaves blowing, which is nice! Pumpkin and apple consumption is in full swing – I have yet to eat or drink anything pumpkin.

However, you really know it’s fall when the NC State Fair is in town!

Fair Food

Funnel cakes photo from Pixabay

We go to the fair every year and there are three things that never fail: the fresh and hot kettle popcorn sold by a vendor outside of Dorton Arena, $1 hot apple cider from the $1 drinks booth near the gyros and lemonade stand. Gourmet funnel cake for $7 is worth the splurge!

A $10 plate of home cooked tasting food from Big Al’s BBQ (or their $6 pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw on top and a bag of chips on the side). I’d post photos of these places but honestly, I am always too wrapped up in enjoying the tasty food! (These were last year’s prices so I don’t know if they are going to change this year.)

I don’t care for the crazy deep fried stuff – yuck! I have tried them and just can’t do it again.


Tristan enjoying one of the kids play areas

Tristan absolutely loves going to all of the kid play areas. Last year he hit gold when we came across the Home Depot workshop tent. Not only did he get to play with toys, but also worked on a cool project.

There are numerous exhibits, concerts, festivals and contests to observe or participate. Pick up at the fair or download this year’s daily schedule to keep up with all of the fun. If you love to shop, there will be plenty of that as well, and you would be helping small business owners too!

Rides and Games

Fair games and prizes photo from Pixabay

There are a variety of ticket packages for rides and games to fit your needs. You can find them here.

If I could only pick one ride, I would choose the carousel because who doesn’t like an old fashioned ride at the fair? Plus I don’t do well with rides that go high into the air. Although the ferris wheel is lovely at night.

For more information about fair dates, tickets and news, visit their website.

What do you enjoy about the fall or your local fair? Comment below and share this post!


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