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Perfect Spots for Watching the Total Solar Eclipse Crossing the US


This is a guest post by Olivia from the blog, High Style Life.

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On one particular day in August, the sun is going to “hide” behind the moon and millions of people in America from South Carolina to Oregon are going to witness a total eclipse. This happens when the moon blocks the sun by standing directly in front of it, which results in daylight becoming twilight and the corona becomes visible for a few moments. Fun fact: this phenomenon tends to totally confuse the animals; for example, birds tend to stop singing.

This year, on Monday, August 21st, United States is going to experience the first total eclipse since 1979 and all fellow eclipse chasers will probably head to all the cool viewing spots to witness this awesome phenomenon. If you’re one of them and don’t know where to go, here are some of the best spots you should consider.

Terra Vina Wines, Oregon

If you are near Oregon, consider yourself lucky, because you will be among the first people who will see the total eclipse; and at the Mt. Hood territory, which is in the heart of wine area, you will be able to lodge at the Terra Vina winery farm, which is approximately 25 miles south of Portland.

However, even though Terra Vina has lodging, there are also various offers for day-trippers. Not to mention all the celebrations with live music, buffets and viewing party on the eclipse day while you are enjoying the finest wines in the area.

Italian Peak, Montana

Even though moon shadow will just shave the southwestern Idaho border, there still is a way to witness the eclipse for those in Montana – if you’re an experienced backpacker. Climb up to the Italian Peak in the Beaverhead Mountains and enjoy the view.


Image via NASA data visualizer Ernie Wright created the most accurate map of the 2017 eclipse path to date

Jefferson City, Missouri

This city has really taken this year’s eclipse seriously. There will be tons of celebrations that include a carnival and educational events. However, probably the most “eye-catching” of them all are in the city park, since there will be parties with music, sci-fi movies and “Dark Side of the Moon” Pink Floyd tribute concert in front of the state capitol.

Now, since most of the hotels in the area are probably sold out, the town’s recreation area offers camping spaces, so consider bringing tents or a recreational vehicle in case weather forces you to relocate. After all, August is the perfect time of the year for camping, so if you and your friends are all about spontaneous nature adventures, go for it.

Brasstown Valley Resort, Young Harris, Georgia

This is the ultimate romantic resort for all the couples and love birds out there. This resort offers log cottages and spa suite which is ideal for the eclipse experience. Also, there are many fun activities such as tennis, riding, golf, hiking etc.

Eclipseville, aka Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Don’t worry, it is not some imaginary city you never heard of – it is actually Hopkinsville, which is, believe it or not, preparing to welcome thousands of visitors. Seriously, they even nicknamed the city Eclipseville. More than 20 different special events, including special guests such as NASA scientists and even Brother Guy Consolmagno – chief observer of the Vatican’s conservatory.


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Gorges State Park, North Carolina

The park is going to open two hours early (at 5 p.m.) to welcome day-trippers of North Carolina who want to take the best viewing spots. Aside from the eclipse, you can enjoy some other spectacular sceneries such as rugged river gorges, waterfalls and rock walls. The park will also host music performances and food trucks from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and family fun eclipse day, which will be the day before the eclipse (the 20th of August).

Berry Islands, Bahamas

Even though Berry islands are not in the US, the eclipse will also be visible there, and if you are after secluded viewing spot while the sand is tickling your toes, this is the place for you. With the population of only 400 people and zero light pollution, Great Harbor Cay promises you completely clear skies. Also, you will find a Carriearl property nearby with an on-site restaurant, pool and rum punch.

Are you getting ready for your total eclipse experience? Where will you be heading to? Let me know in the comments.


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