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Race Into Spring With A Steeplechase

I know that the weather is still dreadful for the most part of the country, however it’s almost March which means spring is almost here! Besides warmer weather, sunshine and flowers – steeplechase comes to my mind when I think of spring!


There are three steeplechase events that I know are held each year in North Carolina. In April, Stoneybrook Steeplechase at Carolina Horse Park and the Queen’s Cup Steeplechase in Mineral Springs, North Carolina. There is also the Block House Races in May. I haven’t attended Queen’s Cup Steeplechase or the Block House Races, but I have been to the Stoneybrook Steeplechase a few times. Steeplechase is an awesome experience!


By this point, some of you may be wondering “What is a steeplechase?” Well, steeplechase is a distance horse race where competitors jump fences and obstacles along the race course. It is a sport that has been around for over two centuries, spanning from hunters to royalty.The origin of steeplechase is from Ireland in the mid-18th century. It quickly spread to the United Kingdom where it fascinated the royal family who are now fans of the sport. Canada, Czech Republic, the United States, Australia, and France also took interest in steeplechasing.


Since steeplechase has always been a social event, attendees love to dress to impress. Women wear their best springtime dresses with a hat (some decorate their hats with a theme) and men wear seersucker suits complete with colorful bow ties! You can also tailgate with friends and family while enjoying a memorable race with food and drinks.



If you’re interested in attending a steeplechase in your area, you can find a schedule of all of the races held in the United States on the National Steeplechase Association‘s website.

Have you been to a steeplechase? What do you think about the sport?

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