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Road Trip Hacks: Ideas in A Bucket

This is a guest post by Jonathon from the blog, Saker Racing.

It’s still road trip season, plan something new for your family and children that would give them everlasting memories to treasure. Something to discuss and laugh out loud when they recall their humpy bumpy road trip.

Believe me or not road trips are a part of growing up and more adventurous than taking short flights to your destiny. It is the difference between the long road trip and the short airplane journeys that would make most of us to opt for the former because, the road trip is more adventurous and you get a chance to visit maximum places that fall in between your final destiny, and you can make more memories.

Traveling with your new born or little kid is more refreshing and rewarding. You get happy to see them excited and watching them running here and there and discovering the picnic place is the best part of the road trip you will never forget. So gear up ladies and gentleman to take your family on a road trip without worrying about the management issues. Enlisted in this article are the road trip hacks that would serve as your toolkit for the road trip journey.

Get your car serviced

The top road trip hacks advise you to get your car serviced before you plan to go on a long road trip. This would save you from trouble and identify the issues with the car before hand, and you can take measures to adjust them and avoid getting panicked on the road with family. It is advisable to a get your car to the mechanic at least a week earlier to get its oil and pressure checked and get a signal from your mechanic. If your mechanic is not satisfied than the option of rent, a car is always available.

Don’t forget to carry spare tire-kit on a long road trip

Despite getting the go signal from the car mechanic, do prepare yourself for the bad times. In case you are traveling on a rough track don’t forget to keep a spare-tire kit. Consider investing in a spare-tire kit, which includes a tire, jack, and lug wrench. Moreover, it’s good that you teach the tire changing procedure to the adults of your family, so you don’t get to burden yourself and see for help all around.

Security check

Exploring a new place always fun, but it’s easy to get lost in unfamiliar surroundings. Make sure that your car has the updated car alarm system and that you carry your navigation device with you so that in case you forget your way back you can always use its help to find your car safe and sound.

Learn the signs if you are not a local

Before getting on the road trip in a foreign country, it is advisable that you understand the meaning of signs in the foreign language or either install a translating app on your phone that would help you in making timely decision to which way to go.

Organizing the stuff in the car

The secret hack is how to organize your things in a car that will save both your time and energy and every time you need something you don’t have to load and reload. The secret is to place the non-essential things that have no role to play until you reach your final destination first and then place the most useful items that are of regular use such as camera, hand purse, etc.

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