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RVs Versus Hotels: Which Is the Cheapest Way to Road Trip?

This is a guest post by Rana from Style Rail.

The choice between picking an RV and hotels always dogs those who want to go on a road trip. It is not easy choosing one over the other. However, that choice becomes easier when one considers the cost between the two. You can look at an RV in terms of the buying or hiring cost, the fuel costs, and others you will incur in your trip such as the RV accessories. On the other hand, the use of hotels will require one to consider the quality of hotels and the facilities offered by each one. If your aim is to save money during your trip, then you will need to put the following in mind.

Using Hotels

The costs of going on a trip while using your own car and staying in hotels can go as high as $200 each day. That is actually on the lower end and for a traditional vacation. These costs include the buying price of the car, maintenance costs, fuel costs and any other issues or costs one may have on the trip. It all depends on the type of car one has, the miles per gallon and general costs of the car. Also, one should consider the costs of the hotel meals and boarding. The types of hotels are very much subjective since one will pick on the type of hotel they want for their needs.

Buying a small RV

The reason only a small RV has been considered is because it is the size that is the most economical for any RV. In this case also, you will be considering the various costs associated with owning a vehicle. This include the cost of buying the car, the cost of maintenance, the cost of fuel and others. Also, to be noted is the fact that, unlike a normal car, this is an RV which will need to be equipped with certain special items. The good news is that, even with the costs of setting up an RV, the average daily cost of using a small RV is about $55. That is way below the use of hotels.

If, on the other hand, one wants to rent an RV, there are some associated costs not found in the other types of trips. While one will be effectively avoiding the cost of ownership of an RV, there are some clear disadvantages that may dissuade users from using this option. First of all, there is the issue of the renting itself. The rented car does not come cheap as it is. Then there is the need to access campgrounds as you will not always be on the road. The total of most of the costs one would arrive at whenever they have to rent out an RV are about $260 per day. This clearly is more than even using hotels on one’s way.

Most people fail to understand the aspect of breaking down the costs of a given trip such they can easily manage it. The fact that a hotel says you can pay $50 for a day’s trip does not mean that is the only cost you will be incurring each and every day. As you camp, you ought to know that you will be paying the owner of the camping grounds. You will be also paying for certain services such as electricity, sewage systems and even water. From the information​ presented above, one can deduce that having your own small RV saves you money and the stress associated with using public means of transportation.




Author bio: Rana Tarakji is an entrepreneur and a contributing writer at Stylerail, a lifestyle blog as well as Sataco, an electro mechanical company in Lebanon.


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