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Save Money While Travelling by Applying These 6 Simple Tips

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Who doesn’t like to travel, right? With airplanes flying pretty much anywhere in the world, it is much easier to travel today than it was just half a century ago. But that accessibility comes with a price, literally. To travel, you must save up quite the sum. There’s all kinds of travel costs: transportation costs, insurance costs, food costs, costs of shopping, etc. 

But is it possible make traveling less expensive while not making it less enjoyable? 
Of course. There are many ways to save money while traveling. 

Here are 6 tips for saving money while traveling:

1. Using Low-Cost Airlines

If you like traveling light, low-cost airlines are just the thing for you. By using low-cost airlines, you can save significant amounts of money. There are many advantages for using a low-cost airline: flights are cheaper, there are frequent promotions such as discounts for flights to a certain destination, there are no additional costs for one-way tickets, etc.

2. Plan & Cook Your Meals

Instead of eating out all the time, save money on those expensive restaurant meals by cooking for yourself. Make a meal plan beforehand and stick to it during your entire trip. What most people like to do is to just hit the store and buy whatever they feel like. This way you’re certainly going to spend money on things you didn’t plan spending it on. By sticking to a meal plan, you’re less likely to spend extra money on things you don’t need.

If you do feel like eating out, don’t do it in a tourist area. Restaurants in most tourist areas jack up the prices for food of the same quality you’d get in some lesser known restaurant.

3. Walk, Don’t Drive

You travel because you want to see new places, right? Well, what better way to see something new than to walk around the place?Most people make the mistake of using a rent-a-car or some other method of transportation to get from point A to point B. Instead of doing that, try taking a walk.

This way you’re more likely to see those less known places, undiscovered gems that you can’t find in most traveling guides. If you, however, need to go somewhere further, try using local methods of transportation instead of renting a vehicle.

4. Travel Off Season

Here’s a great money-saving tip! Most tourist destinations are more expensive during the season. But, if you visit them off-season, you’ll get the same amazing experience and you’ll save a lot of money. Not to mention that it is much less crowded!

5. Stay In a Smaller Town

Most big tourist destinations are way too expensive. In order to get the same experience for much less, try finding accommodation in smaller towns nearby. Smaller towns aren’t just way less expensive, but they may prove as real hidden gems. For example, if you ever want to visit Milano, Italy, you can find accommodation in the beautiful town of Bergamo which is just a couple of miles away.

You can not only visit Milano when you wish (public transportation is available regularly) but also experience amazing atmosphere of a real hidden Italian gem that is a small medieval town of Bergamo.

6. Do Things the Local Way

Tourist guides almost always show just the highlights, the most famous places of any tourist destination. To get the most out of your trip and to get the true experience of the place you’re visiting, you need to start doing things the local way. That includes connecting with locals, making friends, and getting valuable advice from them.

No one will tell you better where you can get the best value for your money than the locals. To experience the heart and soul of any place you’re visiting, doing things the local way is a must.

The main takeaway of this article is that you don’t need a bunch of money to have an amazing travel experience. What you do need is some valuable insight into how you can save money while traveling and we have done just that. We’ve discussed 6 different tips which you can use to save a lot of money while still having a great time traveling.

We talked about how you can save money by using low-cost airlines, how planning and cooking your meals keeps you from spending money on eating out, and how walking instead of driving makes your travel experience even more wonderful. After that, we discussed how traveling off-season can save you money too.

Lastly, we talked about how staying in smaller towns and doing things the local way makes your vacation even more amazing and saves you money along the way!

Hopefully, these 6 tips will help you to save money on your future travels without ruining your travel experience.

Thank you for reading and happy traveling!


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