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Seafood, See Sorrento

If you want a nice sample of the Italian coast and you’re staying in Rome, then Sorrento is just the right place!


We took an early morning train from Rome to Naples (about 1 to 1 1/2 hours by train) since there is no direct fast train to Sorrento. After we got to the Naples train station we hopped on a train by railway operator Circumvesuviana which goes from Naples to Pompeii and ends in Sorrento before returning to Naples. The journey took about 45 minutes to get to Sorrento.


After weaving in and out of tunnels along the cliff side with quick whiffs of the ocean air, we arrived to Sorrento and I must say being there was thrilling!

sorrento markets

We grabbed a map from the train station and began exploring this cute seaside town!

Italian Coast

We walked around a bit, exploring the larger marina, Marina Grande.  I soon began to get hungry so we looked around for a great spot to eat (particularly one that offered Moscato d’Asti on the menu!)


Before we decided to eat at Foreigners’ Club we checked out a few other restaurants. Funny story: A lobster was in a glass box outside of a restaurant, we thought it was dead but when the host opened the box to show us the special catch from earlier that day, it leaped at us! It was alive!!!! The host said he could have it ready for us for lunch, we said no thank you. I kind of don’t want to see my food while it’s still alive.


Foreigners’ Club sits high on the cliffs, overlooking the water. We could even see the historic Mt. Vesuvius! The very volcano that unfortunately was the cause of thousands of lives lost in Pompeii. I wish we had time to visit Pompeii, maybe on another trip.

sorrento italy

We really wanted a table closer to the view of the water but it was during peak lunch hours. The food however, was delicious and there was a live band playing the most lively music!



For lunch, I ordered king prawns with arugula salad and my husband opted for a mixed grilled seafood plate.


His plate had octopus, mussels, clams, squid, shrimp, King prawns, and swordfish. I naturally had to sample his plate!


All of the seafood was freshly caught earlier that morning – something we don’t get the opportunity to have for the most part in the States! It was full of flavor not to mention super healthy for you! It was molto bene!


If you ever visit any of the coastal towns in Italy, order the seafood it’s a must!


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