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Tea and Coffee Lovers Unite at Sommelier’s Roast

What if I told you there is a place that is literally a match made in heaven where coffee and tea lovers unite for a perfect cup of beverage of their choice?

This is exactly what we think after visiting Sommelier’s Roast in Raleigh!

A World of Coffee

I am not a coffee drinker other than the occasional cappuccino or latte which I usually feel like drinking on vacations, but Meshach is a big coffee drinker. He loved their Caramel Cinnamon cold brew and finished the meal with one of the most unique coffees he had ever tasted from a region in Mexico.

Their coffee is locally roasted from cafe owners Lance and Ashley Odvody’s coffee roasting company, Bethesda Roasting Company. You can order from their menu a latte, cappuccino, cold brew, espresso, roasted drip and much more.

Delicious Selection of Teas

First I’d like to make it known that not only is the selection of teas at Sommelier’s Roast delicious, but they also have the cutest tea cups and tea pots I have ever seen!

You can order a cup or even an entire pot of tea (which we did) but being the only tea lover at our table (along with Ashley) I think we may have drank it all in one sitting. It was so good, especially with the organic honey!

Butterscotch Black tea from Asheville Tea Company – one of the many locally sourced tea from Western North Carolina available at Sommelier’s Roast, brewed at our table as we discussed our travels and favorite type of teas.

Did you know their tea cups and pots were given to the cafe by international students at UNC Chapel Hill? They each have a different design which gives them a unique touch instead of the usual cookie cutter type of cups.

None are the same, and that’s what I love about them (in addition to the teas!)

If you want to order tea but don’t know which to try – ask Ashley, I promise you will not be disappointed in her suggestions. She really knows her tea!


Food for All

Their food is absolutely delicious! Everything is made fresh to order. Gourmet breakfast items, handcrafted sandwiches served hot or cold, expertly mixed salads and sides can be found on the menu.

We had a chance to taste all of their side dishes and each were delicious, especially the seafarer’s salad – it was a hit at our table! We also love the Fruit and Nut Salad with raspberry vinaigrette, plus I think it is the cutest salad ever!

A Passion for Tea and Coffee

We had such a wonderful experience meeting the dedicated owners, Ashley and Lance Odvody. They are a married couple with three amazing children who are small business owners with an obvious passion for food, coffee, tea and culture.

Lance is a certified sommelier, which is someone professionally trained to specialize in wine, food pairings and service. He has an extensive background in the restaurant industry and as Head Roaster, he provides quality coffee from around the world.

While coffee and wine is Lance’s drink of choice, Ashley’s passion for tea is spot on!

Ashley is Sommelier’s Roast’s Tea Director and her love for tea blossomed during her time as a campus pastor at UNC-Chapel Hill, NYU, and the University of Zambia. She also has a passion for travel and it was on her travels where she discovered many different teas and tea rituals.

She also has a background working with non-profit organizations and finds ways for their business to give back to the local and international community.

If you’re ever in the Raleigh area (or live there) go check them out!

So which do you prefer: Coffee or Tea? Comment below and don’t forget to share this post with your friends!

We were hosted by Sommelier’s Roast on our visit, opinions are always our own. 

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