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Top 5 awesome DIY industrial furniture designs

This is a guest post by writer, Jane Harper.

Do you want to introduce industrial style to your home décor but also want to make your home look cool and chic? If yes then opting for industrial furniture is a great idea. Industrial furniture looks more stylish and sophisticated as compared to the ordinary furniture and gives a casual yet modish look to your home. The best news is that you can make industrial furniture by the use of simple materials that you can easily find in your own home. This article will enlighten you with five awesome do it yourself industrial furniture designs that you can easily follow and make your house look elegant and classy.

Industrial Bed Made of Pipes

This industrial chic bed can be made by the use of steel rods. First of all, you need to measure the width of your mattress and then calculate the dimensions of your double bed accordingly. Start by making the frame of the bed by using steel pipes/rods. Once the frame is ready, you can get creative while designing the outlook of the bed. You can use key clamps to connect the pipes and make the head rails and foot rails of the bed. The clamps might need fixing once in a year, but they are long lasting and look very trendy.

Industrial Side Table

This antique side table can add extra charm to your home décor. This table can be made by using a wooden wine crate or any old drawer that you no longer use. You will also need 13′ Plated slotted angles and some nuts and bolts. The angles will be used to make the legs of the tables. Cut the angles according to the desired length of the table and then screw them to the wine crate by drilling a hole into it. Similarly, make the base of your table by using a wood board. You can also add wheels to give a sophisticated touch. Paint the legs in black or rust brown color to give a more industrial chic look.

Industrial Style Rustic Dresser

You can convert your dresser into an industrial style rustic dresser at home. All you need is some tea bags, a bottle of vinegar, a brush and a bucket. You will love doing this one if you like to do experiments. First of all, take some wool pads and dip them in vinegar in a bucket and then leave them overnight. Next, boil a hand full of tea bags in water and then allow it to cool. Once cooled apply the liquid on your dresser. After the application of tea brush the wool pads that you dipped in vinegar. The transformation will start taking place right away. You will observe the color of your furniture turning into a grey color. To give a brownish touch, you can add brown paint to it, and voila! your industrial style rustic dresser is ready.

Industrial Candle Stand

You can make this magnificent industrial floor lamp by using metal pipes. Apart from the simple metal pipes, you will also need galvanized metal pipes and connectors to connect all the pipes together. You can bring your creativity to play and shape your lamp as you desire. You can make this floor lamp by making a stand first and then assemble the other pipes above it. Wire the pipes and connect bulbs to it and voila! Your very own industrial floor lamp is ready.

Industrial Jewelry Blocks

This whimsical jewelry block can be easily made at home. You need a small wooden block, brass dowels, and gorilla glue. All you need to do is to glue the brass dowel to the wooden block and nail a clip on the block to hang it on your wall. You can display your bangles or other items on this sleek jewelry block.

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