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The Ultimate Netflix Travel Hack for Your Next Flight

Today the ultimate Netflix travel hack rolled out. They came out with a FREE new feature for their app that now allows you to download and watch select shows and movies offline. I don’t know how many times we’ve been on a plane and wished we could watch something to pass the time on our flight (especially long flights!)

The feature is meant for offline watching, particularly when your device is on airplane mode or you’re out somewhere with no mobile service. We have this issue on road trips and flights. The news literally had me dancing for joy!

Heck yes!

I immediately had to test it out and you can do the same with your account.

Airplane Mode

First, switch your device to Airplane Mode. This will disable all communications on your phone – cell service, data, WiFi, text messages, apps that need internet, etc. Then open your Netflix app and click Available for Download.


Choose A Download

Netflix already rolled out some shows and movies that are ready for download but are supposed to come out with more in the future. Choose something you want to download. I chose a Netflix Original, “Marco Polo One Hundred Eyes” which I have already seen but wouldn’t mind watching again. Have you seen Marco Polo the series on Netflix? It’s so good! I think I may do a blog  post later about Marco Polo in Venice.

Download, Binge-Watch, Repeat

When the download is complete, it will appear in your My Downloads section in the app. Hit play and watch as much as your heart desires WITHOUT internet service! It’s wild, right???


Now there is one thing my husband asked – does this mean Netflix will raise its subscription prices? I hope not, but would not be surprised!

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Like what you see? Pin it!


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