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Wandering Through History: Ceramics of Orvieto

Sometimes wandering could lead you to a historic discovery!

After our visit to Giardini Comunali Orvieto (there will be a post about that later), we made our way towards the city center.


Walking through the quiet streets of Orvieto we spotted a tiny shop. No fancy tourist signs, just a simple ceramic shop. We were compelled to go in! With a polite “buongirno”, we walked down a small set of steps into the entrance and what I witnessed was quite a treat.


Orvieto is known for having well-crafted art and ceramics. Orvieto ceramics have ancient origins rooted in Etruscan history. The making of these ceramics have been passed from generation to generation. It was amazing to watch these artisans at work!


Each step of the ceramic process was just as meticulous as the last. The designs were carefully hand painted on the ceramics before going into the oven. There was one that I really had my eye on (pictured above), but they told us it wouldn’t be ready until the next day. We were only in town for the day so I chose something off the shelf.


Our Italian wasn’t that good, but we managed to have a nice conversation with the women and they also helped us choose a ceramic to take home.


Once you’ve made it to the city center at Piazza Duomo, you will gradually see more ceramic shops. Don’t get me wrong, they were lovely to see but it was packed with tourists and felt like a gift shop! I secretly smiled because we had a memorable experience at the quiet, little ceramic shop on our way up.


Experiences like these remind me what travel should really be about! It can be a fun, yet educational experience that you will never forget.


Have you ever stumbled upon something on your travels that became a wonderful memory?



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