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5 Year Wedding Anniversary + Home Depot Kids Workshop

Today is our 5th Wedding Anniversary (plus Meshach’s birthday.)

Looking back on our big day, I’m happy how our wedding and reception turned out because it wasn’t at all like we had originally planned.

Our Wedding

I had a vision of this large wedding of almost 200 guests. I wanted a pink and orange Bollywood theme – heck, we even learned an Indian dance to perform at our reception! Our wedding and reception was going to cost well into the thousands.

One day it just didn’t seem exciting anymore, so we made some big changes.

Instead, we had a very small wedding ceremony of maybe 25 guests at the cutest historic house in North Carolina. We didn’t have a professional photographer either. Our photographer was my little sister who used our Canon 60D. Afterwards, everyone went to our house for a BBQ.

The weather was crazy that day. It was by far the hottest day of the summer! Then it rained heavy and next it started hailing. All in all, it was a memorable and simple day.

What did we do with the money we saved by not having a big wedding and reception?

We went on our first trip to Italy. Now that was money well spent!

Building A Bug House

Since we’re paying off our mortgage at a fast rate (getting there!) we like to find ways to save money. Home Depot offers a cool workshop for kids at least once a month. This was our second time going to one with Tristan.

This month’s workshop project was building a bug house.

Home Depot’s Kids Workshop is absolutely free! All you need to do is go online and register your child for the workshop. Then show up and sign in on the workshop date. That simple!

The workshops are always on a Saturday and usually from 9a – noon. You can show up within that time frame however you should go early when it starts because it can get crowded.

Once you’re signed in, you will be given an apron (if you don’t already have a Home Depot kids apron), and the supplies you need for the project.

Tristan loved the free juice boxes and Krispy Kreme donuts as well.

There are tables to do your project on or you can sit on the floor like we did.

You will not need to bring tools to the workshop because they will have everything you need to complete the project.

Whenever we do kids’ projects, Meshach mostly does it for Tristan. I guess he just likes to watch!

After your project is finished, the Home Depot associate will give your child a certificate of completion and a cool badge to put on the apron.

It was a bonus visit for us because when we were walking out of Home Depot, they were grilling hot dogs for Customer Appreciation Day, so we got a free lunch!

As I am typing this, the day isn’t over. Meshach is outside doing yard work an Tristan is finally taking a nap.

Time for some Netflix and wine!

What activities do you enjoy doing for free or very little cost? Comment below and share this post with your friends!


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