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A Whole New World Of Motorcyclist

Motorcyle ride in the mountains

How it started

One day I woke up, went to work as usual and suddenly wanted a motorcycle. I was too young to be in the middle of a midlife crisis so I knew that was not the reason. I have never ridden before but I just had the wildest urge to hop on my very own motorcycle and enjoy the ride.

I am a somewhat responsible husband and had an in-depth discussion with my wife before purchasing the bike. My wife was very concerned about my safety and ability to ride so I agreed to take a motorcycle safety course. You could lower your insurance rate by taking this course.

Motorcycle Gear

It is very important to have the correct apparel when riding your motorcycle. Riding in the cold of winter and the heat of summer can be challenging but the proper gear could make the ride more enjoyable.

Alpinestars jackets vary in style and material and will meet the needs of every biker. I own a heavy leather jacket for the cold months, a mesh jacket for hot weather and a light leather jacket for anything in between.

Don’t skimp on safety, my jackets apart from keeping me comfortable also offers some protection in the event of an accident.

Motorcycle Maintenance

A key role in safety and for a smooth ride is maintenance. I started with the front and rear MT66 Pirelli motorcycle tires and new inner tubes. These are my favorite tires, they handle very well and make me want to ride.

Next on the list was replacement parts and with the convenience of ordering motorcycle parts online, the process could not have been any easier. I replaced my chain and sprocket, spark plugs, air filter, and cleaned the carburetor. So with all of the repairs and a complete tune up I was ready to go again.

Did you know?

The secret hand shake: Next time you are behind a biker and he passes another biker in the opposite direction, observe their left hands as they will both show a sign of respect.

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